First Week of School

September 5, 2022

Hilltop Elementary School


Join us on campus tomorrow for a quick, "Hello!" Stop by to meet your child's teacher, see their classroom and drop off school supplies.

4:00-4:30 PM: Last Names A-G

4:30-5:00 PM : Last Names H-O

5:00-5:30 PM: Last Names P-Z

We know not all families can follow this schedule, but please do if you can. This rotation creates some social distancing, helps you get face time with the teacher, and really helps with parking. Parking will be available in the parking lot, the bus zone, and in the holding lane for easy access. Please park legally in the neighborhood.


Arrival: 8:20-8:35 am

Students will line up outside their classroom door or outside unit door with their classmates.

We encourage Kindergarten students to aim for an 8:30-8:35 arrival, so we can better help your child.

Breakfast in the Gym: 8:20-8:35 am ($1.50 this year.)

Students Enter Classrooms: 8:30 am

Kindergartener enter with their class line at 8:35 am.

Tardy Bell: 8:40 am

Dismissal: 3:10 pm

Help us make arrival and dismissal go smoothly!

If you are willing to volunteer to help direct parents during arrival and dismissal during the first two weeks of school, please send Principal Somoza an email: Let her know what days you are available, and she will assign you to a location and get you a bright orange vest.

Arriving at School

  • Arrive between 8:20-8:35, please don't get into the holding lane earlier than 8:20. This creates back ups on nearby roads.
  • Students line up outside of their classroom. Signs are posted for each class line.
  • Give yourself extra time, and please be patient during the first couple of weeks. It takes a little time for everyone to know where they are going. We know it's hard to let your little one walk to their class on their own, so we have a lot of extra staff on hand to help.
  • Teach your child the name of their teacher.
  • Family members do not enter the line up area, so we can better monitor if someone unexpected approaches.
  • Walking families say goodbye at the student drop off points (near the bus zone or the bike rack.) We will have extra adults on hand to help students find their way. You can wait for an adult or student patrol to help your child at the drop off point.
  • Busses will be greeted by school staff and student patrols to help students find their way to their class line.
  • Driving your child to school? Use the car line only. The parking lot is not available during arrival. Enter the parking lot from the northbound lane on Damson, using the holding lane and taking a right-hand turn into the car line. Do not turn left into the parking lot. Do not enter the fire station parking lot during arrival. Do not block driveways or streets. Give yourself extra time if you drive, however arriving early doesn't necessarily help because the car line does not start moving until 8:20 AM - our drop off time. If your child is late because of back ups in the drop off land during the first week of school, they will not be marked as tardy.
  • Please make sure your child is ready to exit the car. Are they seated in the right hand passenger seat? Is their back pack next to them? Make sure shoes and jackets are on prior to leaving home. A staff member or a student patrol will open the door to you vehicle once you have reached our drop off zone in front of the gym. Parents/caregivers, please stay in the car. We will help your child find their classroom. If you child has a hard time exiting, we will direct you to pull forward to the first spot in the drop off "green" zone.
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Picking Up Your Child

  • The dismissal bell rings at 3:10.
  • Teachers follow the dismissal plan that you provided. Please do not change the way you pick up your child without informing your child's teacher the day before or the office the day of.
  • There are two zones for walking families:
If you walk to the back of the school or towards the fire station, wait on the sidewalk near the bike racks.

If you walk north of the school, wait for you child in the grass by the bus zone entrance. Classes start walking by this pick-up area at about 3:15. Kinders and first grade come a little sooner.

  • Classes need time to walk to the pick up zones, after-care drop-off, bus lines, and the car line. The car line starts moving at about 3:15. Plan to arrive to the car line between 3:15-3:25.
  • Car riders are staged in or in front of the gym. If you put a sign on your dashboard with your child's name and teacher's name, it will make things go faster. Write large and with a thick pen. Be ready to pull as far forward as you can in the drop off lane.
  • Be patient. Last year, the first day of school pick up took 30 minutes, the second day took 25 minutes, and it kept getting better.... Once the school year gets going, we get all 550 students off- campus or to after-care by 3:25.
  • Busses are often late on the first day of school. Please wait at your child's bus stop. Use the to track your child's bus. If the bus is more than 10 minutes late, then you can call the office at 425-431-7604 or Transportation at 425-431-7230.

Thank you to for joining us at our PTSA Ground Cleanup on 8/27!

Bussing, School Supplies, Child Care, Parent Square, & More

Check out our Hilltop August Newsletter for information about the following topics:

School Lunch & Breakfast Information

This year, school meals will only be free if your family qualifies. Each school year families who think they might qualify for FREE meals need to complete a new application.

We have to all get use to lunches not being free for most families. Plan ahead, and add money to your child's lunch account. There is no fee to make payments online and you can add money to your student's account anytime. Money in your account now rolls over into the next school year as long as your student stays in the Edmonds School District.

Breakfast Price: $1.50

Lunch Price: $3.00

Food Service Menus are located on the district's website, under Families, then Menus.

If your child eats breakfast at school, have them arrive at 8:20, please. Breakfast is served in the gym.


Social distancing is no longer in place in our classrooms, and we are excited to do more small group teaching and having students pull up close together to focus their attention on the lesson. Desks will be close together, and more students will be eating and playing at the same time for lunch and recess. This makes the mitigations measures that are available really important to consider as the levels of COVID changes across the school year. COVID19 vaccinations and wearing masks add another layer of protection for your child, if you choose to use these options.

We also have a few safety measures that will apply to all students:

There is no drinking fountain use. Plan on bringing a reusable water bottle to school each day, which can be refilled at school.

Students will still be required to stay home when they have COVID symptoms and to notify the school of any positive cases. We will guide you through the required quarantine and isolation periods.

The school will communicate to you if your child has been exposed to COVID19 in the classroom, so you can be on the lookout for symptoms.

There are more specific guidelines of when a classroom is consider to have an outbreak, and when masks may be required by County Health in the weeks following an outbreak.

We will send out more details on these mitigation measures at the start of the school year.

Volunteer Sign Ups for 2022-23

1) Don't wait to fill out your volunteer form and vaccination status on the Edmonds Schools Safe Visitor form. for the 2022-23 school year. Note: You need to repeat this process each school year.

2) In 2-3 weeks after completing the form, watch for an approval email.

3) After you get the approval email, you can offer to be a volunteer for your child's classroom, the library, or the office. This approval process is also needed to volunteer for PTSA events, field trips or field day.

We can help families who need translated versions of the form. Call or visit the Hilltop office.


Planning for the School Year

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sept 7 - First Day of School Grades 1-6
  • Sept 7, 8, 9 Kindergarten Family Connection Meetings
  • Sept 12 - First Day of Kindergarten
  • Sept 9 - PTSA Back to School BYO Picnic at Hilltop 5:00- 7:00 PM
  • Sept 22 - Curriculum Night: In-Person and Zoom Options

Early Release, No School and Vacation Calendar

Be sure to plan any school year vacations around the school calendar. Students should only miss school if they are ill.

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 23-25

Winter Break: Dec. 19 - Jan. 2

President's Day Break: Feb 20 - 21

Spring Break: April 3-7

2022-2023 Family Calendar - English
Calendario Escolar 2022-2023 para la Familia - Spanish

Hilltop PTSA

Our PTSA enriches every child's experience at Hilltop. We encourage every family to become a member by visiting the Hilltop PTSA website. Your membership fee supports our students. PTSA also has many opportunities to volunteer to plan special events for our school community.


Contact Us:

Main Office: 425-431-7604

Attendance Voice Mail: 425-431-7600 (Call anytime, day or night!)

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