CHAMPS Peer Mentoring

For Talisma Users

How does CHAMPS Peer mentoring work?

The CHAMPS Program matches high achieving, upper-division students (Mentors) with new students (Mentees) to Ashford University. Each mentor and mentee will meet at least once per week through the method they choose to discuss the transition into Ashford University. The program will last 7 weeks, but it is our hope that our mentors and mentees build relationships that last well beyond the end of the program!

Why should I refer my student to CHAMPS?

  • New students are more likely to persist when working with a CHAMPS mentor
  • Increased access to support and guidance during non-business hours - you are not the ONLY person they contact for help!
  • Mentees will improve their confidence as an online learner and increase their University resource proficiency

How do I refer my student to CHAMPS?

It's simple! Push out the CHAMPS Peer Mentee email template from Talisma and encourage your student join our program - we'll do the rest! Questions? Email us!

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