From Tree resin to Bubble gum

By: Sourena Nadri


Did you know how bubble gum is made? Read to find out how people make bubble gum.


Bubble gum comes from a tree. It comes from a resin from the sapodilla tree. They send it to the factory.


They mix it with the gum base. They pour the gum base to a mixer, then add color and flavor. They pour in glues syrup it helps the gum base soft. They add dextrose a powdered sweetener. They blend for 20 minutes. Heat which melts everything. The mixer is ready when it reaches the consistence yet bread dough. They transfer it by carts machines called the extruder. The machine squeezes the mixture through a narrow opening, and more facts. They send it to the store.


Do you know how the bubble gum ends? In the store people buy it. But it is still not finished.

Fun Facts

*Did you know factories that sell bubble gum will replace it, if it is out of date or unsold. *Did you know a long time ago a man and women lumped on tree resin.


Thank you for reading about how bubble gum is made. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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