The helpful benefits you can get through your lifetime


You can only recieve jobseekers allowanceif you are at working age and looking for a job. The department for Work and Pensions (DWP) manages most benefits through Jobcentre Plus offices.

Jobcentre Plus will help you with:

  • finding work
  • starting your own business
  • managing on a low income
  • illness or accidents caused by work


You can get child benefits if you're responsible for achild. You can still recieve child benefits even if the child doesn't live with you as long as you give the child atleast the same amout as the child benefits you are given for them, if two people claim for child benefits for the same child only one can get it. Child benefits usually stop when the child is 16 unless they are carrying on with education or are training, if they are carrying on with education or training the child benefits won't stop till they are 20. They're are two different amounts of child benefits you will get £20.30 for the eldest or only child and £13.40 for all other children.


The DWP also help wih people planning for retirement and pesions services they will help. You can also get a state pension. You can also get pension credit, Pension Credit is an income related benefit for pensioners living in Great Britain. It is made up of two different parts, Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. They're two different amount of pesion creit that you could recieve evey week uop top of of your state pension/private pension, £142.70 if you're single and £217.90 if you have a partner, these can vary if you or your partener is disabed. You will not qualify for a pension, state pension, or pension credit untill you are of pension qualifying age, which is rising to 66 years of age in 2020.