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Things To Know About Neptune

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun and the solar system approximately 2.7 billion miles from the Earth. Neptune is the fourth largest planet by diameter and the third largest by mass. However Neptune has a lot of gas it is the most dense planet of them all. Neptune was predicted long before it was ever thought of.
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What's The Closest Planet To Neptune?

The closest planet to Neptune is Uranus, it orbits 1.62 billion miles away from Neptune's orbit, However Pluto use to be the closest planet to Neptune until it was classified as a dwarf planet Pluto orbit was 1.42 million miles away from Neptune which was a bit closer than Uranus orbit.

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Neptune's Elements In The Atmosphere..

Neptune Has a very thick atmosphere consist of 74% Hydrogen, 25% Helium and 1% Methane. Neptune atmosphere is also very icy clouds and is made up of enormous storms the storms may come from the tremendous high amount of high winds that Neptune carries that whip around the planet. Neptune has the fastest winds in our solar system.

Temperature/Weather !

A typical day on Neptune is very Icy Neptune also get's it's nick name as "Ice Giant", because it's typically Icy and windy there. Neptune temperature can go down to 55 Kelvin which is -218 degrees Celsius. The average temperature on Neptune is 73 K (-200 Celsius).
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Space Missions

The exploration with Neptune has only had one explorer , Voyager 2 which was visit on August 25, 1989 the voyager traveled 12 years at an average just to reach Neptune, which is 30 times further than the Sun and Earth the voyager also discovered the "GREAT DARK SPOT".

Interesting Facts About Neptune!!

  • Neptune is the smallest of Ice Giants
  • Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun
  • Neptune has a very active climate
  • Neptune has a very small collection of rings
  • Neptune has 14 moons
  • Neptune spins on it's axis very rapidly
  • Neptune was the name that ancient Romans gave to the greek god of sea,earthquake which was Poseidon.


Neptune surface isn't very solid at all, But it's atmosphere is made up of mainly hydrogen,helium and methane Neptune planet is very gaseous and rocky. The temperature and pressure is very high.


Neptune has a mass of 102.4E24kg (17.15 Earth mass)

Neptune Rings/Moons

Neptune has 13 moons and 5 rings the largest moon Neptune has is Triton it's a very cold place so it's mainly covered in ice. Neptune 5 rings named Galle, Le Verrier, Lassell, Arago and Adam.

Orbital Period

Neptune orbital period is 165 years which is 4,504,000,000 km from the sun.

Neptune Rational Period

Neptune Rational Period is 16.11 hours

Neptune Myth or Legend

Neptune is believed to be a myth by many, but as far as the scientist believe Neptune is a planet , because it was believed to have completed it's first orbit around 1846 on July 11, 2011.