Energy for the Future

by Riley B.

Here are three of the top renewable energy sorces

Solar Power

Solar power comes from the sun, solar collectors (solar panels) absorb the sun's heat.Solar power is considered renewable because the suns energy will never run out.  Solar power is good for the enviroment because unlike oil and coal, solar does not add greenhouse gasses the the air.
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Hydropower comes from water, dams that are built in large rivers use the power of hte flowing water to turn turbines that power a generator and create electricity. Hydro power is a renewable source of energy because it comes from water and water is a neverending cycle.
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Wind power

Wind power comes from air turning big turbines that power a generator. Wind power is a renewable energy because wind does not stop, it comes from nature so it will always recycle. Wind power does not give off any greenhouse gasses and is very cheap.
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Persuasive paragraph

I think that wind power is the best renewable energy source. Some facts about wind power are wind mills have been used since 2000 B.C.E, a single wind turbine can power 500 homes, and unlike most forms of energy wind power uses hardly any water. Some benefits of using wind power are wind turbines give off no harmful emissions to the air or water, wind power makes a small effect on the earth compared to the amount of energy it provides. Some negative effects of wind power are some wind turbines a caught fire, some birds have been killed from being hit by the spinning blades, and some people do not like the physical appearance of the turbines on the landscape. If we do not use renewable energy resources now then the non renewable ones will cancel out the renewable ones.


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