Color Guard 2014

∆ Be a kind and respectful member of society. ∆

  • Be nice to one another on and off of the field.

  • Anything you do as an individual reflects upon the entire guard

  • Family members of guard members are very important. Be kind to all friends and family of any guard members

  • Sports rules count for guard- if caught doing anything illegal, i.e drinking/smoking/streaking in public, you will be punished by either not performing or being kicked off of the team. Same goes with grades.

∆ Treat practices as important as they are. ∆

  • When on the field, do not speak unless you are spoken to or have an urgent question

  • Understand that guard practices are just as important as full-band practices

  • Leave any outside problems at the side line

  • Being quiet and working hard are two different things. WORK!

  • Try your best to learn and understand during practices, then PRACTICE at home.

  • If you have any questions, always ask them. The captain/rank leaders are always there to answer them.

∆ Respect authoritative members of the band. ∆

  • Mr. K is the top authority and Captains/Rank leaders are high authority

  • No back sass, any authoritative word is the bird (which you should know is the word.)

  • If you disagree with a leader, tell them honestly and in a way not intended to be hurtful

  • If you have any problems, the leaders are here to help

  • Mr. Kalina, the captain, or a rank leader may call you out on a mistake, we aren't attacking you, we don't hate you, we just want to make everyone better.

∆ Respect each other. ∆

  • We are all in this together

  • Treat others as you want to be treated. If you want to be treated rudely, then guard is NOT the team for you.

  • If you have a problem with another guard member, tell it to their face KINDLY

  • Any bad talk about anyone on the guard will result in swift and strict punishment

  • Be honest with each other

  • We are a family. We perform, practice, and laugh as a family.

∆ Enjoy yourself. ∆

  • Colorguard is a great experience to make new friends and perform, use it to your advantage! :)


  • If something isn’t working out for you, either on the field or anywhere else, don’t be afraid to talk to anyone on the guard. We’re all some pretty cool cats :3

  • Do NOT beat yourself up over mistakes

  • Remember to let guard be a release of stress. Put your emotions into the performance :)

What to expect from your leadership

∆ Definition of Section Leader (Captain) ∆

Main leader of the section, helps with music, marching, all things within their section. Also helps other sections when they see fit or need to. Makes sure the sections get the music memorized. Reminds their sections throughout the summer to be practicing. Runs extra rehearsals as needed.

∆ Definition of Rank Leader ∆

Assistants to the section leaders. Help the section leader or captain with whatever is needed, helps run rehearsals, helps break sections into smaller units to work on marching or music or choreography.

∆ Definition of Synchronization Coordinator ∆

At least weekly, watches rehearsal videos of color guard and checks for synchronization of color guard moves. This has been a place where we can really gain a lot of points. This has a lot to do with making sure arm and flag angles are exactly the same, and that timing is the same.

Also expect....

∆ Help ∆

You can also expect the us to answer questions and solve problems to the best of our ability or point you to someone who can help you. You can expect us to give you honest advice as kindly and respectable as deserved. If you need to talk to us, we will be approachable and not in any way rude. We will guide you to be a better color guard member.

∆ Passion ∆

We understand that we are not perfect, so we will always be working hard with you to be better at color guard. We WANT to make this band better, so we will do our best to help. We will put our emotions into our performance in a way we want you all to do. We will understand your limits and make practice difficulty dependent on this.

∆ Stability ∆

From the beginning to end of the season, you should expect us to be consistent in our behavior. We will be good leaders and do our best to be good role models, this includes focus. We WILL work together and be a team!
- Remember we are not perfect... please bare with us through this new experience -