Books & Bytes November 2014

Important info from the Stories Creek Media Center

**IMPORTANT** Needs Survey **ALL STAFF**

Click the link below to fill out a quick survey.

Needs Survey

Student Laptop Procedures & Reminders

A reminder of procedures to follow when having student laptop issues.

Please do not let students use each other's laptops. Fewer problems occur when there is only one user of a device.

If it does not work AT ALL (the student cannot even log in) and you've (we've) tried everything:

  1. Put in a help desk request for that laptop
  2. Mention in the help desk request that the laptop will be in the Media Center
  3. Print a copy of the help desk report and tape it to the top of the laptop
  4. Have the student bring the laptop to the media center (I can only accept it if it has the taped help desk report on it)
  5. I'll give the student a replacement laptop
  6. Make changes to your roster, etc. noting the student's new laptop number

If it kinda works (the student can log in) but something's wrong with it:

  1. Put in a help desk request for that laptop
  2. Have the student keep using the laptop until someone comes to look at it

I know the printing does not work well and is not ideal but we need proof of the help desk request. Plus the tech guys won't come out here to work on them unless there is need and the only way they know that we need their help is through help desk.

Class Dojo Update

We successfully completed the first nine weeks using Class Dojo! The top point earners for the quarter will be recognized at the assembly. Students have the opportunity to earn Dojo points for good behavior during specials, lunch, and breakfast. If you, your students, or parents have questions about Class Dojo you can direct them to me!


We will be continuing the TerraCycle program this year with a few changes. We will still collect drink pouches (like CapriSun) and lunch kits (like Lunchables) in the cafeteria. We will also collect writing instruments and Elmer's glue products in the classroom. If you did not receive a collection bin please let me know! I will also be collecting personal beauty products and oral care products in the media center. We will no longer be collecting snack bags or dairy containers. These programs have been discontinued. :( Please visit the link below to learn more about the program and see detailed lists of what we are collecting.

Learn More: How we TerraCycle at Stories Creek

Free Stuff!!!

CenturyLink Technology Grant - Mr. Holloman sent an email about a local grant opportunity from CenturyLink. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to get more technology in our school! Here is the description Mr. Holloman sent, "CenturyLink is connecting teachers with technology for the classroom. The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation’s Teachers and Technology grant program application process opens Oct. 1 for teachers in CenturyLink’s local service areas (Roxboro and Timberlake) who want to innovatively implement technology in their classrooms to increase student achievement." If you are interested in applying let me know in the survey at the beginning of the newsletter. If there is a lot of interest I'll have a work session after school one day so we can fill them out together!

Random Free Stuff in the Media Center - I have a cart in the book room that is loaded with random stuff that I cannot use. There are some posters, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Feel free to come take a look and take what you want!

Media Center Basic Policies

  • Please remember – all materials that leave the media center should be checked out to the person using them. If you have problems checking something out and I am not around please leave the item with a note for me and I’ll get it to you ASAP.
  • Please do not send more than two students at a time unsupervised. Students must have a pass when coming to check out books so I know you gave them permission.

Radical Resources

This edition's Radical Resource is.....

BrainPOP Educator! Watch the video below to learn more about how it works. I sent an email explaining how you can register for an account. If you need me to re-send it to you, let me know!

**BrainPOP is not currently active but Ashley Cooper is working to get it restored!! Please be patient. I'll let you know when it's back up and running!!**

BrainPOP Educators Overview

Awesome Apps

This edition's Awesome App is...

Reading Rainbow

Yes, it is back!! There is now a really cool app you can download. There is a subscription fee if you want to unlock the entire app but everyone gets a free trial that comes with cool videos and 5 free books!

For more information visit their website.

What does your classroom look like???

What is 21st century education?

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