Figurative Language

Pun, irony, oxymoron, cliche, and assonance

The Tail of Puga

Felix walked into the park where he promised to meet his friend, Marzia, at noon. As he scanned the park, he saw her waiting on a bench for him with her dog Puga. Felix looked around the park. A park ranger was posting a sign on a tree that read "Do not hang anything on the trees." (Irony) Laughing, he hurried into the park, hoping she wouldn't be mad at him for being late.

"Hey," Marzia greeted as Puga, her small pug, tugged on her leash.

"That's quite a holy bench, (Pun)" Felix remarked. The old bench was barely holding Marzia up because it was very old and full of holes.

"Very funny," Marzia sarcastically replied. Puga tugged on the leash once more, eager to leave the park. Marzia scolded her and turned her attention back to Felix.

"So are we going for a walk?" Felix asked.

"Yeah, I was just waiting for you to get he-" Marzia began. Puga's leash was ripped from her hands and Marzia fell to the ground. Puga took off as soon as Mariza's grip was released.

"Marzia! Are you okay?" Felix shouted.

"Puga!" She yelped, ignoring Felix's question. Marzia got up and chased Puga out of the park.Felix finally caught up to her and repeated his question.

"Fit as a fiddle, (Cliche)" she muttered, not stopping. They chased Puga down the street and into an alley. "Puga?" Marzia called. "Puga Penny Patricia Penelope the Pug!" That was Puga's full name that she made up when she as younger.

"I want to make a name like that for my dog! Edgar Emmitt Elijah Elliot! (Assonance) That as awfully good. (Oxymoron)" He announced. Felix was taking the situation much more lightly than Marzia was, who was still calling Puga.

Puga barreled out of the shadows and leaped into Marzia's arms. She hugged her happily.

"I guess that's the tail of Puga, (Pun)" Felix laughed.