I am Tatyana

about my life

A little bit about me

Hi! i'm Tatyana and i'm a very outgoing and positive person my favorite color is purple i was born on may/15/1996 in Chicago IL were i was raised my whole life until i moved to Las Vegas in 2012 i love hip hop and r&b music and i love to be around people. some of my favorite celebs are beyonce, chris brown, ciara, tahraji. p. henson, and others but its a long list

Future Plans

when i graduate high school in a couple of months i plan on taking a 4 month brake and then going to college i don't which one yet but i know i plan to go for culinary arts and business. After college i plan to own restaurants around the world and when i get a little older in age after having fun and owning my restaurants i want to go back to school and get a degree in special education teaching. Also having a family and taking care of my family.


my hobbies include acting dancing and singing and hanging out with friend. I am also a really good cook and i enjoy cooking a lot.