Stop Cyber Bullying Now!

Prevent it from Happening.

Cyber Bulling

Cyber bullying is bullying through an electric device happening online. It usually occurs on social networks. A lot of people do it because they have bad life problems or they have nothing better to do. Cyber bulling is very dangerous. You can get into a lot of trouble and have a lot of consequences.

How can I stop Cyber Bulling from Happening?

When you see someone getting cyber bullied , the right thing to do is to notify somebody that can help. Always let somebody know that someone is being picked on online. When you see someone getting cyber bullied online, never tell the bully something back. The reason you shouldn't do it is because when you say something back, you can get in trouble for saying something back to them.

Can you stop cyber bulling?

You can stop cyber bulling by letting someone know whats going on online at home. Try standing up to the bully without getting yourself into trouble.