North vs. South

The Great Civil War By: Lilly Kottak


North Military Leader

For the North the military leader is Ulysses S. Grant.

South Military Leader

The South's military leader was Robert e. Lee

The Causes of The Civil War

The South's View

They were a one-crop economy, meaning the depended more on cotton and slavery. They also wanted State's rights. States rights was the idea that states have the right to limit the power of the federal government. They feared that the loss of slavery would bankrupt them. So their economy heavily depended on slavery. The South wanted a lower tax on foreign goods, they wanted this because they bought overseas instead of from the North.

The Causes of the Civil War

North's View

They were based more on industry than on agriculture. They purchased raw cotton and turned it into finished goods. The North focused more on city life. They also believed in Federal rights. Federal rights stated that the federal government should have more control over the rights over states. Most northerners opposed slavery. They thought it was immoral and cruel. Others of them did not want to have to compete for wages against unpaid slaves. They wanted a higher tax on foreign goods, because the north made their own goods. North was more educated.


North- They were under the strong command of Aberham Lincoln, and they also had industrial power. They had 23 states, 22 million people, and 2.1 people in the army.

South-They had outstanding generals. They had a really strong military tradition, also strong motivation. They could trade cotton for weapons.


North- They had really weak motivation, and unaggressive officers. They were far from home, and had a large coastline with lots of land.

South- Their paper dollar was low in value, and the also had a low number of men. Another disadvantage was they were under the leadership of Jefferson Davis.


North- They had 23 states, with 22 million people. They had 2.1 million people in the army, and 178,000 blacks fought. More educated.

South- They had 11 states, with 9 million people. 3.5 million of their people were slaves. They had 600,000 people in their army, and they were less educated.