Math Race

beyond the decimal point

Fot 2-4 players

First you pick your player peice. Second, you shuffle the cards and put them in the color coded piles. You roll the die to see who goes first, whoever goes hets the highest number goes first. Then you roll the die and go forward for how many spaces it lands on. If you land on a red space then you take a red card. If you land on a green space then you take a green card. Then whatever problem you get you have to solve to stay at that space. there will be stratch paper to help you work it out. The Person to your right will receive the answer sheet. They are to find the problem on the sheet and tell you if you get it right. If you happen to get it wrong you have to go back how ever many spaces depending on the color. If you get a green card wrong you have to move back 1 space. If you get a red card wrong then you have to move back 3 spaces. If you land on a space that has previously written instructions follow those. To win you must go around the track five times.

Made by Garrett Helburn, Jatin Patel, and Zach Felder

Materials (included)

A die. 4 players.A scratch sheet of paper.The answers.