Problems With African Education

How Can It Be Corrected?

Reasons this is happening.

- Teachers have limited knowledge.

- Pressure on kids causes them to drop out.

- Kids need to work to help make money for food in families.

- Schools can't afford internet or books needed to teach kids.

- Economy is poor and not diversified.

Solution To This Problem!

The A.F.A. (African Funds Association) can help Africa's education.

What it will do and how it will help.

- It will provide monthly funds that are raised all over to Africa.

- The funds can help buy and build schools along with internal tools such as books needed for a better education.

- People can also help families by providing them with money for food and other needed things.

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How To Reach Us

- You can call us or come to our facility to setup donations.

- You can talk to us on facebook and twitter.

- You can go to our website to see what is happening in Africa

Other Facts

- 50% of students in Africa drop out of school.

- Out of the other half only 65% earn C's.

- Only 30% graduate which comes out to be 10's of people.

- Out of the graduates only 5% earn higher than C's.