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October 9, 2015

What We've Learned This Week

Everyday Math

This past week students have been practicing their multi-digit addition skills using the partial sums method. Not sure what the partial sums method is? Click the link below to see an example. The unit 2 test is scheduled for Monday October 19th. (Watch 0:00 - 1:13)

**Ask your student to solve 451+67 (400+110+8=518)

Social Studies

Today our students presented their Pear Deck Presentations on their regions projects. Each group made an interactive presentation to share with the entire class. Visit our classroom website to see the Google Slides Presentations your student created.

Click here to see the presentations!


Our young geologists are wrapping up their investigation into whether or not rocks contain calcite. The young geologists allowed their evaporation dishes to sit overnight in order to observe which rocks contained calcite. Below are pictures of the geologists observing their findings.

**Ask your student how they knew which rocks contained calcite in their evaporation dishes... (there were dried white crystals in the evaporation dishes)

Be Connected to Our Classroom!

Harlem Ambassadors Assembly

On Thursday students were treated to a sneak peak of the Harlem Ambassadors. In this assembly the Harlem Ambassadors talked about motivating students to do their best in school, and showed off a few of their basketball skills!

The students really enjoyed the presentation as it was filled with dancing, humor, and interaction with the students.

Big image


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** I only send 2-3 a month.

Important Dates to Remember

October 14th - Conference Slips Due

October 17th - Harlem Ambassadors at FAHS

October 19th - Unit 2 Math Test

October 23rd - Field Trip to Aldo Leopold Nature Center