Hurricane Katrina

What is a hurricane? What does a Hurricane need? What are the categories?

A hurricane is a tropical storm that develops off the coast of Africa , in the months of June,July,August,September,October,and November. As the storm travels and finds warm water it gets stronger and becomes a hurricane.

A hurricane has to have warm ocean water , the warmer water is the stronger the hurricane is.Hurricanes are categorized on a scale from one to ten, this is called the Saffir Simpson Hurricane scale .A category one is wind speeds of 74 mph to 95 mph, a category two is 96 mph to 110 mph, category three is 111 mph to 130 mph ,category four is 131 mph to 155 mph. This scale uses the hurricanes wind speeds and their storm surge to be determine which category it will fall into. Hurricanes have to reach a wind speed of 74 mph to be a hurricane. The picture below is a satellite image of hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane naming process and history

When hurricanes were first given names they were only given girl names. They only named them girl names because girls a moody and men supposedly aren't! But in 1979 a group of women libbers protested that men can be just as moody as women can, so they began giving them male names to. In July 1979 hurricane Bob was the first male named hurricane. The first hurricane of the year is named with the letter "a". Then as the year goes on the names the alphabet , skipping some letters. They are named by a list of names that rotates every six years. If a hurricane is really bad the name is retired, and never used again.

Hurricane Katrina

The famous hurricane i chose is hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina made landfall for the first time on August 25 and for a second time on August 29. Katrina was a category 3 hurricane when it made landfall at the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. The highest wind speed for hurricane Katrina was 125 mph which is the wind speed of a category 3 hurricane. Katrina caused over 2407 deaths from August 23 to August 30. The hurricane caused Mississippi to change building codes and people to get rashes from standing in the nasty water. But for Katrina to be such a devastating hurricane, Katrina's wind speeds when she made landfall were only those of a very strong category 1 hurricane. The picture below is a tracking map of hurricane Katrina.


Hurricanes are extremely dangerous and are not something to be taken lightly they are very serious Do not ever try to watch a hurricane, HIDE!! Hurricanes have caused thousands of deaths don't let your curiosity kill you. If a hurricane is near take precautions . These storms are deadly and are not something to be played with. Watch your local weather channel and find ways to protect yourself.