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Luke C.

The Amazing Franklin Delano Roosavelt .

Franklen Delano Roosavelt gave people hope and courage during hard times.Many people think he was the greatest presadent in our nation. Mr.Roosavelt was a Dillagent man even though he had a dissabilaty. FDR was a awsome leader. Franklen Delano Roosavelt helped a lot of people in his life time. He was born in 1882 in hyde park new york. He had a very wealthey family. He went to a boarding school when he was 14 years old. When FDR was in boarding school he decided to help people. FDR was a very healpful young man.

Dangers of being President

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to face many dangers throughout his lifetime. Franklen Delanano Roosevelt had to face a dangerous disease that paralyzed him from the waist down called polio. Polio can cause death or disability to humans. FDR spent his time in warm springs GA to treat polio. Although he was not able to walk he stil reached his goal.


Frankln Delano Roosevelt did amazing things in his lifetime.FD. was eleced in 1932. Then the USA enterd the Great Depression. This was a time when many people lost theire jobs. FDR was the 32 Presaden of the USA. He served from 1932 to 1945.
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Franklin D. Roosevelt was an amazing leader for all people. When Japan started to attack the USA was forced to go to war. In 1945 Roosevelt died before the war was over. The USA won the war for all people.


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