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Mauri Mahi, Mauri Ora

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June 14, 2022

Swimming Sports

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Do the mahi, get the reward

Thank you to Mrs Salton to organising yet another very successful sporting event!

Tamariki were so impressive in their determination to keep going even when it got hard, and for some just getting in to race others was WAY out of their comfort zone, but they did it anyway!

We saw our superstar swimmers 'Shine'.

We saw friends and family cheering on the ones who were striving for excellence, as well as those that were striving to beat their personal best.

I was so impressed with the juniors who were in race after race after race with huge smiles beaming through the exhaustion.

The whanau I got to speak to were having a fabulous time watching, cheering and catching up with other whanau.

The collaboration from the teachers brought Mrs Salton's plan to life in a fun and effective manner that, as always, was a testament to the team.

Tino pai Poroutawhao!


School Will be closed on 24th of June in Celebration of Matariki

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Maori Astronomy Q & A by Professor Rangi Matamua

⭐What is Matariki and why do we celebrate it?

Matariki is the Māori name for the star cluster most commonly know as Pleiades. Traditionally Māori used the rising of Matariki as a marker for the New Year🎉

⭐How many stars are in the cluster?

It depends on the culture and location. Across the world some have 6, others 7 some have 9 and some even have 12. In Aotearoa some believe there are 7 stars in Matariki while others say there are 9✨

⭐What are the names of the stars that make up the Matariki cluster and what does each star represent?

Matariki (f) connected to health and wellbeing and is also the Mother to the other stars in the cluster🤱🏽

Pōhutakawa (f) connected to those who have passed on, in particular those that have passed since the last rising of Matariki💕

Tupuārangi (m) connected to food from the sky (eg birds etc)🐦

Waitā (m) connected to salt water food (eg fish etc)🐟

Waipunarangi (f) connected to rain🌧

Ururangi (m) connected to winds🌬

Hiwa-i-te rangi (f) connected to your dreams and desires for the year ahead🧚🏽‍♀️

⭐Why do the dates for Matariki change each year?

Matariki follows a lunar calendar system which is different to our modern solar calendar, so the Matariki dates change each year, just like Easter🗓

⭐How was Matariki traditionally celebrated?

During the correct lunar phase of the correct lunar month Māori would welcome in the New Year with a ceremony called Whāngai i te Hautapu. This is where they would perform a series of karakia and cook food from the environment as an offering to the stars for the bounties given to us from the year that had passed. After the formal ceremony Māori would gather to feast, play games, plan and prep for the year ahead🍲⛹🏽‍♀️💭

⭐How can we celebrate Matariki today?

While in some areas of Aotearoa there are still formal ceremonies happening, celebrating Matariki can be as simple as having a shared feast with whānau and friends celebrating who we are and where we are at the present time, remembering those that have passed since the last rising of Matariki and planning for the year ahead👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

⭐Why do some regions use other stars as their marker for the New Year?

Different iwi use different stars as markers that tell them when they should celebrate the New Year. Some iwi use Puanga some Rehua while others use Atutahi✨

⭐How do i say Happy New Year for the Māori New Year?

For more information about Māori astronomy check out the website at www.livingbythestars.co.nz

It's Disco time!

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Time to dust off your dancing shoes and have a boogy at the annual PSG Disco!

Keep an eye out for details, put it into your diary's for the 7th of July.

There will be an added bonus for parents this year. We will have the staffroom open with some snacks and beverages so you can mix and mingle while the kids have their fun in the hall!

Thanks PSG!

Ag Day 2022

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Time to Start Thinking About AG day!

Our agricultural day is being held on the 12th of November this year!

For those that are new, AG day is a fabulous, fun, community event to celebrate the importance of agriculture in our community.

It is a fun-filled day, with lots to see and do. The main events open for your child can participate in this year are calf club, lamb club, and garden club. We are yet to hear if chic raising is available this year. Watch this space.

This means it is time for your child to start thinking about which events they may like to enter into this year!

Further information will follow in the coming weeks with instructions attached!

Thanks PSG!

PSG - Poroutawhao Support Group

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Come along to our next meeting to plan the up coming Working Bee.

We love meeting new and familiar faces over a little kai (food) and inu (drink).

Please make sure you are following the PSG on Dojo for your invitation!

If you would like to reach out to the PSG you can message directly on Dojo.

See you at the next hui!

Board of Trustees elections are coming up in September.

Board of Trustees Elections

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Health Notice

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Press the Website button at the end of the newsletter for the link to our Policies up for review in Term 2

What's On in Term 2?

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Friends of Poroutawhao

We deeply appreciate the support from local business.

These businesses have offered support through Covid last year and into this year.

Thank you to all of them..

We encourage you to support them in return!