Come to Virginia!

Steven Verrone


-Native Americans had lived on the land the English settlers explored.

-King James I was eager to start a settlement in North America.

-He granted charters to a pair of English companies to establish settlements in North America.

-One charter failed, the other one, known as the London Company, led by captain Christopher Newport, sailed to Virginia and established a settlement.

-Jamestown was the first English settlement.

- Only 60 of the first 900 colonists survived

-The settlement was located in a swampy peninsula on the James River.


-The founder of Virginia was John Smith.

-Virginia was founded in the southern region of the original colonies.

-The religion was Anglican.

-Virginia was founded in 1607.

-Virginia became a royal colony.

Important Events

In 1607 the first English settlement was established.

In 1611 John Rolfe introduced his tobacco seeds.

In 1612 the first crop of tobacco was exported, which helped save the colony.

In 1624 Virginia became a royal colony.

Why come?

-The English spent over two weeks exploring the James River before choosing the site of their first settlement.

-The location of the settlement prioritized safety, rather than convenience between England and Virginia.

-The English colonists picked the loction to aviod any conflict with the Spanish. The location is very safe.

-The places to settle are very close to freshwater supplied from inland streams and wells.

-Not vunerable for enemy ship attacks.