Statistical Racism in the U.S.A.

By Brett Berg

Stats that Show Racism

  • African Americans make up 13% of the US population and roughly 14% of the monthly drug users but, they make up 37% of the drug arrests since 2009. Whites make up about 62% of the population and they use drugs about 5 times as much as African Americans. American Americans are still incarcerated more than whites.

  • On average, African Americans receive 20% longer sentences for the same crimes as whites.

  • 45% of black kids live under the poverty line and 16% of white kids live under the poverty line

  • In 2012, 85% of whites graduated high school, 68% for blacks, 76% for Hispanic, and 93% for Asian.

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Potential Solutions

1. Judges Sentencing

2. Funding for lower-income schools

Things You Can Do!

1. Be Aware

2. Raise Awareness