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----------------Tips For Writing Essays On Tests-----------------

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Tip: 1 - Plan Out The Whole Essay

Plan out ever paragraph of your essay. Thus allowing yourself to think about what you would like to right in each paragraph. While also being able to marinate your ideas.

Tip: 2 - Read The Prompt Carefully

If you understand every aspect of the prompt, then you will be able to elaborate on the topic better in your essay

Tip: 3 - Reread and Edit

Leave time for yourself to go back after you have finished writing your essay so you can reread to find grammatical errors, needed punctuation and flow of the essay.

Tip: 4 - Relate Your Essay

Relate your essay to something. It will help you write your essay more effectively and also help your reader understand what you are trying to get across in your essay if it is relatable.

Tip: 5 - Your Knowledge

Try to avoid writing about something that you don't know for sure about or is not true, because now your writing will be lacking due to the fact that you can not write about it affectively due to you not understanding the topic / not knowing about the topic.

Tip: 6 - Timing

If your essay happens to be at the end of a test make sure you leave enough time for yourself to write a good response not something that you wrote up in 5 mins just so you don't loose points. Essay's typically are worth lots of points so if you send more time on the essay perfecting and taking time to write it, that will help out your grade more.

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Top three exam essay tips from Dr Ian Hunter