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Sawnee Tech News Vol. 15

TKES Roster Verification Time

The first stage is to verify your roster in Infinite Campus. This should be completed by Wednesday, March 25th at 5 pm. You do not have to turn in a document stating you've completed stage 1, but if you find an issue with the roster, you must notify Tammy so it can be resolved. **See attached directions . These directions are also located in the SAW Staff Information course planner.

Separate directions will come in April for Stage 2 of the verification process. Stage 2 involves logging into the TKES platform to sign off on the roster verification. The window doesn't open until April 1st. Expect directions by April 1st for completing Stage 2.

GaDOE Climate Surveys

We need feedback from all stakeholders for the GaDOE Climate Surveys. Please remind parents to complete the Parent Survey.

All Staff members should also complete the survey - it only takes 5 minutes! If 90% of staff members complete the survey, then admin will provide breakfast for us! Yummo! Surveys must be completed by Wednesday, March 25th.

All 3rd-5th students must complete the student survey. (This link is also a headline on the Sawnee homepage). Please rotate students on your classroom desktops to take the survey on Monday and Tuesday. Between 7:50-8:30 am would be a great time to do this. *This is different than the teacher surveys they've already completed.

Springtime Fun!

We've all got spring fever! In the spirit of springtime and Easter, check out these TpT freebies!

Jelly Bean Math

Do the Bunny Hop! (A CVC Word Game)

Easter Egg Money Hunt

Spring Bunny Bump

Bunny Bump: Missing Factors

Easter Bingo (Make your own cards, use with any content.)

Bunny 100 Chart Mystery Picture *I made a flipchart version of this. Make your own clues for any grade level. Find the flipchart in the W drive > ITS folder. I made one set of clue cards focusing on place value. You can even have student create the clue cards for other classmates to use to solve the mystery picture. They might choose to focus on subtraction, addition, multiplication, etc.

You may also enjoy this Virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

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Betsy Cain is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Sawnee Elementary in Cumming, GA. This flyer is created to share instructional technology news and tools with teachers at Sawnee Elementary, but feel free to use and share with others.