Africans Americans in the Senate

by: Christina Carlson

African American Political Power

Although there were some African Americans that were able to rise to have power in politics, it didn't compare at all the amount of African Americans freed. There were 16 in the House of Representatives, and there only two in the Senate by the mid 1800s. Those two were Hiram Revels and Blanche K. Bruce.
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Hiram Revels

Hiram Revels, born in Mississippi, was elected to the Senate on February 23, 1870. Before that, Hiram recruited African Americans for the Union in the Civil War. He also started a school for African Americans in St. Louis .
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Blanche K. Bruce

Blanche K. Bruce, also born in Mississippi, was sworn in as a member of the Senate in 1874. He served in the Senate for 6 years. Before he served in the Senate, he was a teacher. He taught in a school in Hannibal.
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Racial Equality

These men were huge steps in the path of racial equality. Without them , we might not have the president that he have today, or the numbers of African Americans in political power.