Trojan Odyssey

By: Clive Cussler

Theme One: Wherever You Are, There Is Evil Nearby

The main characters, Dirk Pitt Sr; his partner Al Giordino; and Dirk's two children, Dirk Pitt Jr. and Summer Pitt seem to have trouble coming their way whatever they're doing. To start off with, Dirk and Summer are investigating a mysterious ¨brown crud¨ that is destroying the plant and animal life of the Atlantic Ocean. As it turns out, this brown crud is waste from a system of tunnels being bored beneath Nicaragua. At first, they are lead to believe that it is a secret project for a tunnel to transport goods from the Atlantic to Pacific even faster than the Panama Canal. The reason that it is so shrouded is to prevent the Nicaraguan Government from taking any percentage of the profits. They later find out that the company that is running it, The Odyssey Corporation lead by the ghost of a man known only by Specter, has hatched an elaborate plan to divert a portion of the Gulf Stream, causing the temperature in Europe to drop drastically and plunge into an ice age. The Odyssey Corporation would then make billions by selling a new type of fuel cell heater by the millions, produced cheaply in China. The ruthless leaders of this corporation kills anyone who gets near to discovering their plans and nearly kills our main characters. This happens in nearly all of the books in this series and by the end, we find out that this will be Dirk and Al's last adventure. No matter how much good seems to be done, there is and always will be evil in the world.

Theme Two: Good Will Overcome Evil No Matter What

As Odyssey's plan nears completion and the book nears an end, Dirk and Al help launch an attack against Odyssey's headquarters, which through much investigation, uncovers the fact that Odyssey is run by a group of sociopathic women who follow Specter and believe themselves to be gods and worthy of human sacrifice. By destroying the tunnels with a bomb dropped from a high altitude, the Nicaraguan government was never aware of the extreme danger that was lurking throughout the country. This action also saved countless lives in Europe and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. When the number of pages is dwindling, all of the leaders of Odyssey are caught, Including Specter. Since Specter was able to get a hold of the best lawyers in the entire world, our characters believe that he will get away with little to no punishment. Then, in the middle of the trial, Dirk Sr. takes a dagger and slices Specter's stomach open, revealing the leader of the sociopathic women who had murdered countless people. She was then tried for many crimes and sentenced guilty. Even though there will always be evil, there will always be good to overcome that evil as well.