come to Texas

Hailey Breakey

Texas needs YOU!

Grocer? Barber? Black smith? Cook? Agriculture worker? We need them all in Texas. Come to Texas for a fresh start, get away from those past problems. Looking for a new adventure? come on over to Texas! better hurry limited spots available.

Texas Land:

Texas land is rich soil that has never been farmed on before. Weather is at a mild temperature most of the year. There is lots of water and grass all around Texas. Farmers will receive 177 acres. Cattle ranchers will receive a square league of 4,428 acres. There is a possibility of receiving both!


Land in Texas is a lot cheaper than land in the US. US land is about ten times more expensive than Texas land. Land here in Texas is set at 12.5 cents per acre and can be paid off over several years.

Requirements of colonists

These are the only things you must do to be qualified for land:

1) must become a Mexican citizen.

2)must be or become Catholic.

3)must follow all Mexican Laws.