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In The News... Sept. 9, 2016

This week was so much fun as we worked on using the 4 C's with literacy. The kids used communication, critical thinking, & collaboration to create a project on our book of the week: Farmer Duck. It was awesome. Our focus was story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution, & lesson. The kids worked in teams to create a visual of each element and then we used our visuals to explore with Green Screen. Wait till you see the finished project... not bad for using this tool for the first time. We got so into creating this that we didn't have time for our spelling test (don't worry, the boys and girls were not terribly disappointed by this). We will make up our test on Monday.

Here is the link to our Green Screen video: You can also view it below the In The News section of our newsletter. Please take some time to watch it as the kids worked hard on it and are excited to share it with you.

In Math we are continuing to work on addition using different methods. We reviewed counting on with Math Stations and I introduced the kids to Math Mountains this week. They learned new vocabulary: addends & sum. Next week we will begin exploring problems that have missing addends.

Science has been so much fun these past two weeks. We have been working on balancing objects and discovering how counterweights can help make things stable. So far we balanced paper crayfish and two different types of shapes. The kids were quite the scientists as they made discoveries, asked questions, and compared their data.

Conferences are coming up in a couple of weeks. You will find in your child's Friday Folder a sign up sheet. Please choose some time slots that work for you and send the form back on Monday. I will send confirmation sheets home next week letting you know which day and time our conference will be. Conferences last about 20 min.

See the NOTES part of this newsletter for information on flex seating!

Sometimes 4 day weeks seem longer than a 5 day one. The kids worked so hard and deserve a fun weekend. I hope you all get to enjoy it.

Take Care,

Ms. Gower

The Story Elements of Farmer Duck


  • Flex Seating- As you know many schools and even some classrooms at our school have moved to flex seating and offering the kids opportunities to add movement to their day. Studies have showed that students who have access to flex seating and areas that promote movement are able to retain more knowledge and do better with attention and learning. Unfortunately, the cost of the chairs and/or supplies needed to provide this for the kids can be pricey. I really would like to provide this for our classroom and have come up with an idea! There are certain types of stools, chairs, and balls that promote the movement that I am talking about. If you would like to purchase one of these for your child to use in our classroom that would be great. It would get them out of those hard chairs and provide them with the stimulation needed to encourage better focus. Of course you do not have to purchase anything. I just thought I'd present you with the opportunity. The best part of this would be that at the end of 1st grade, you and your child can decide to take the chair with you to either your home or even to 2nd grade OR you could donate it to our 1st grade classroom. I do encourage you to look through the links below the note page to see if any of the seating options will work for your child. Let me know if you decide to purchase one or have any questions. Send me a link if you see a type of seating that you think will work and I will let you know. The links below are just some ideas =)

  • Blog/Math Stumper- These will be updated this week so check them out =)

  • Conferences- Don't forget to sign up for a conference and return the form on Monday. I am excited to meet with you all.