The Island of Africa

Our Indirect Democracy

Djifalo has a representative government. There are three main leaders, one in charge of the judicial branch, one in charge of the executive branch, and one in charge of the legislative branch. Each of these leaders is voted on by the people of Djifalo. The legislative body is not divided and has 60 members in it. People run in district elections. The people that win their district election get to be apart of the legislative body. The legislative body needs over half of the members to vote yes for a bill to go through. The leader of the legislative branch can veto a bill. After he vetoes the bill the legislative body needs to re-vote and get a 3/4 majority to override the leaders veto. Whoever is the leader of the executive branch gets to choose half of his/her cabinet members. The executive branch is in charge of Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs, and to carry out the laws the legislative branch makes among many other things. The leader of the judicial branch gets to choose the other half of the executive cabinet members as well as the judges in the courts of Djifalo. The judical branch is in charge of interpreting the law.

Our Leaders

As stated above all of our leaders are voted in by the people Djifalo. The leader of the Legislative branch is Falo Ugada. He started out as a member of the legislative body. The leader of the Judicial branch is Ukalo Rejilo. He too started out as a member of the legislative body. The leader of the Executive Branch is Siliner Waloko he started out as a very successful business man.


Our country is located off the coast of South Africa. We are a Unitary Government due to the small size of our country. The people enjoy this though because it provides them with a sense of togetherness. Our Government headquarters are in Tekweni. Tekweni also happens to be our countries capital.

The Culture

Our Country is currently at around 4.5 million people. To our Northwest/West we are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. If you go Northeast you will cross the strait of Djifalo and will eventually get to South Africa. To the South we are bordered by the Southern Ocean. Djifalo tries to stay Neutral in many wars that go on due to the fact that we have no Army. We have a small Navy that patrols our Island from the water. Some African countries don't like us because we don't help with some of the conflicts going on within their countries. Djifalo has a capitalist economy. This gives anyone in our country the ability to succeed as long as they work for it. The economy is also a free trade system. We enjoy the benefits of importing and exporting with many different countries. Our main exports are tropical fruit and cocoa. Our country is also a very good spot for tourists because of the many beaches that dot the coast line. Our national language is Swahili. Many people in our country live in the rural areas to help harvest our Tropical Fruits and Cocoa. Almost everyone is employed because of the need for our exports.


Our country's main conflict is trying to keep the peace between the leaders. The leader of the Judicial Branch and the leader of the Executive Branch have a known hatred for one another and their lack of cooperation on issues. This makes the people of Djifalo worried about one of them causing an overthrow of the government Djifalo currently has.