Slovak republic

There are so many fun thing to do here!

There are so many thing to do here in Slovakia!

There are so many interesting things to do in Slovakia, there is something called and "old town" 'its been restored and renovated in more recent times' you could go visited that. There is even castles here in Slovakia there are biged named ones that you should visit while your here they are 'Baratislava castle & there are many more things to do like, water parks Slovakia has the biggest water park in all of Europe it is so big it has an inside and outside slides and pools there. There are many more things to do here in Slovakia when you come visit here go see some of these amazing views and places have a great time here in Slovakia!

Kasprowy Wierch mountains

From 1910 onwards Kasprowy Wierch became very popular among ski tourists so much so anaerial tramway or téléphérique, reaching almost to the summit, was built between 1935-1936 as such it is one of the oldest in Europe. As part of its modernization, the cabin aerial ropeway was closed for a period until December 2007. In 1938 meteorlogical and astronomical observaories were built here it at the top station there are restaurantsand info. people that will help you go where you want to go and officers that will let you ride ski lifts to the top and the cable cars that you can use to get to the top and if you want one you better be there early because they are popular and will sale out or will take a really long time to get it usual takes up to 3 hours to wait in line and get tickets so when you come you need to come here to ride your ski lifts and have fun but get here fast so you dont have to wait come visit here!

Aquapark Tatralandia water park

Aquapark Tatralandia Holiday Resort is the biggest aqua-park in Slovakia and one of the biggest in Central Europe It is located 4 km southwest from town Liptovsky Mikulas in Raztoky, on the north bank of dam Liptovska Mara, it is the biggest water park I have ever seen it has so many fun things to do there there is nine slides that go straight down in to a pool they are really fun but the worst part is walking up to get to them it almost on thousand steps you have to take to get up there, but it is worth all that walking you have to do. there is alot more things to do there beside the water slides there is a place you can eat and buy cool things like hats,toys,and other cool things the represent Slovakia and its water park you have to come by and visit the water park it is the best one around Europe so come visit the Aquapark Tatralandia water park when you come to Slovakia its lots of fun!