Electromagnetic Waves

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What is an electromagnetic Wave

An electromagnetic wave is a wave that will transfer energy from point a to point b. Unlike mechanical waves, these waves can travel through a vacuum, and continue at the same speed that it would in a medium. The disturbance that starts an electromagnetic wave is radiation.
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Many uses for radio waves are for aircraft communication, and AM radio. Radio waves have a wavelength(m) that is greater than 1E-1, and a frequency(Hz) that is less than 3E 9. The energy(J) of a radio wave is less than 2E-24.
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The main use in everyday life is to cook food using the device known as a microwave. These wavelengths(m) range from 1E-3 to 1E-1. The frequency(Hz) range from 3E 9 to 3E 11, and the energy(J) are between 2E-24 and 2E-22.
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The wavelength(m) of Infared ranges from 7E-7 to 1E-3. Frequency(Hz) is between 3E 11 and 4E 14, and energy(J) is from 2E-22 to 3E-19. The main use of this wave is for working tv remotes, and night vision goggles.
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Visible Light

The wavelength(m) of an opticle wave ranges from 4E-7 to 7E-7. Frequency(Hz) is between 4E 14 and 7.5E 14, and energy(J) is from 3E-19 to 5E-19. The main use of this wave is to have what we know as light that come from lightbulbs and stars. This is the only type of wave that humans can see.
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The wavelength(m) of UV waves range from 1E-8 to 4E-7. Frequency(Hz) is between 7.5E 14 and 3E 16, and energy(J) is from 5E-19 to 2E-17. This type of wave is produced from the sun; it is why we get tans, and sunburns.
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The wavelength(m) of an x-ray ranges from 1E-11 to 1E-8. Frequency(Hz) is between 3E 16 and 3E 19, and energy(J) is from 2E-17 to 2E-14. The main use of this wave is take pictures of bones to help doctors discover problems with their patients.
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Gamma-rays are used for making nuclear explosions because of their high energy(J) which is greater than 2E-14. The wavelenght(m) is less than 1E-11, and the frequency(Hz) is greater than 3E 19.
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