Baltimore Riots

Siara Henderson

Freddie Gray

For our project we did the Baltimore Riot. This riot began when Freddie Gray was taken into police custody on April 12, 2015 and was unintentionally killed by police on April 19, 2015. Gray died from head, neck, and spinal injuries. He had to be out in a medically induced coma. This in return began the violent disturbance in Baltimore. Protesters have become more and more agitated about the whole situation. They are burning cars and buildings, throwing rocks at policemen. The SWAT team has had to step in countless times and to no avail the protesters keep pushing back. The 6 police officers: Caesar R. Goodson Jr., William G. Porter, Brian Rice, Edward M. Nero, Garrett E. Miller, and Alicia White have all been charged for Gray’s death. The media took this hard, they thought that what the police officers did was unconstitutional and that the police officers arrested Gray without probable cause. Baltimore’s state attorney Marilyn J. Mosby stated that the police officers mistreated Gray and arrested Gray without grounds and violated police procedures by putting him in the van with handcuffs and leg restraints without a seat belt.

Endless Cycle


I chose the following bias; Bias by headline, Bias by photos, captions, and camera angle.

I chose headline because the headline Baltimore Riots is on every news article or news report and this riot had caused a lot of controversy. I also chose bias by photos, captions, and can't angle because a lot of pictures are being taken of the riot and a lot of people have their opinions about it, also the photographers take the photos in certain angles for example the Times Magazine photo was taken in a certain way to spark up discussion.


Marxist, cultural, and historical. I chose Marxist because this whole event has made national news and has even involved the President. I chose historical because this event has happened before in Baltimore as well and so its like a movie playing back over and over again. Lastly I chose cultural because society has taken part in the violent event.

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Baltimore Riots

Here is a video of the Baltimore Riots taking place.