Room 231

September 10th - 14th, 2012

Midterms, Meetings, & Embedded Assessments: Our Week of Important Firsts!

This week features a couple of VERY important firsts for our school year:

  1. Our first midterm progress report
  2. Our first Embedded Assessment

Monday marks the end of our first midterm! How is that possible already?? However it happened, it is upon us, so make sure to ask your students for their reports on Tuesday! As always, I am available for any questions or concerns that may arise.

Monday is also the first meeting for the Academic Steering Committee, which is heading up the combining of Clark Middle School and Conkwright Middle School into a single school. Please see the letter from Mrs. Whitesides here that invites each and every one of you to attend and provide your input! The meeting will be held at the Clark Middle School library media center from 4:15-5:45. Please try and attend!

There are many more important school-wide activities that are taking place this week and those can be found here in the Monday Memo!

Beginning on Thursday, the 13th, our kiddos will begin their first Embedded Assessment! We have been prepping for this since Day 1 and when I mini-conferenced with them individually on Friday, they seemed ready and confident. They will be writing a multi-paragraph definition essay which will define their own concept of a hero. I can't wait to read them and I will make certain to grade them quickly so that they can get them home to you so you can read them as well! I'm sure many of you will be pleasantly surprised as to how deeply you, as parents and role models, have impacted their idea of what makes someone a hero.

In Room 231 this week...

Social Media

I have set up several social media accounts to help keep everyone connected to the learning that is taking place in our classroom. Having parents updated, informed, and involved is important to me as a teacher, but also because I am the parent of school-aged children myself and I know how much of a positive impact that parental involvement can have. I am always looking for new ways to teach and connect with your children, so please follow our social media accounts and interact with our class there! They are always linked at the bottom of these newsletters under the "Ways to Connect" section.

I have also begun to allow students the options of reviewing books on Goodreads in lieu of writing out a Reading Response Journal every other week. You can find our class group here and I hope you will feel free to join us as we discuss the books we're reading and what we think of them. Countless research studies have shown that kids will model our reading behaviors, so try and make sure that your kids see you reading!

As always, have a wonderful week and my door is always open!

~Mrs. Reinhardt