What Difference Does it Make?

Clothing is Clothing

A Recap on the Olympic Apparel Controversy

One topic that U.S. Politicians are arguing about to get elected is Olympic Apparel. The United States government not only bashes China for manufacturing clothes, but also on stores within America who purchase fabrics from overseas. The United States sensitivity on the "Made in China" has China teaching the U.S. government a lesson on what difference does it make in where the clothing was made by the images shown below.

What These Pictures Teach You

So What's Different About These Pictures Shown Above?


  • China's government agency, Xinhua, says that they are not ashamed of following demands from the United States.
  • But they are ashamed of how the Olympic Apparel Controversy is being approached at them.
  • Comments such as Harry Reid's by saying that the uniforms made outside of the United States should be burned.
  • In addition to the United States "criticizing Ralph Lauren for outsourcing jobs."
  • If you think America is going overboard on this situation and you want your voice to be heard, contact advocatechina.
  • Remember, Clothing is Clothing.