Welcome New Freshman

Lets talk about the English 9 class you will be taking!

You are starting your 9th grade chapter

Welcome new and young freshman student. I am Taylor Reed, and I was a former student of Mrs. Allen's English 9 class. This class could either be really easy for you or it could be difficult. Mrs. Allen loves reading. So if you like reading or you make her think you are in love with reading, while you really hate reading you can be on her good side. In this class you will read many books and there will be many assignments over the books that will make the book fun to read. Also in English 9 there will be four to five independent reading assignments. Then you will end the wonderful year of English 9 with poetry.

What will you be reading throughout the 9th grade English year

You will be doing what you would do in a regular English class. You will read books. But not just any other books but amazing books that Mrs. Allen choose herself. With each books that she choose she added a twisted assignment with each book. Some of these books include

  • The Hunger Games
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Monster
  • The Odyssey

The Hunger Games

With the unit of study of the Hunger Games, Mrs. Allen will split the classes into their own districts. Everyone will have their own district with a group of three to four people that will help you with the district challenges. These challenges will test what you learned about the previous chapters you have read for homework. Another way Mrs. Allen made reading The Hunger Games fun was you get to watch the movie once you finish reading the book. This is what you can look forward for this book.

Romeo and Juliet

During this section of reading the class will be reading this like a play. Which I really enjoyed. With the balcony scene you will be able to make your version of it which makes Mrs. Allen laugh if you make it just the right way. Also you will watch the ''newer" version of the play that was 1900's.


This is about a kid named Steve Harmon who kind of gets in this big problem. He is accused of murder. And with in this story is his journals that he writes while is in jail and what made him think about the crime. So what Mrs. Allen would have you do if you read is she will give you a journal, just like Steve has in the book.

The Odyssey

This has to deal with the Trojan War. Before you even read the Odyssey you will watch the movie Troy that will give you the inside look to the Odyssey. Then you will learn about the Gods and Goddesses about of Greek mythology.

Independent reading/Book Talks

Independent reading

In the year of English 9 you will read four to five independent reading books that you are allowed to choose on your own. There will be book talk notes when you go to the library and it will give ideas of want to read.

The Book Talks

Once you finish your book you will sign up for a book talk. Which is when you will be one on one with her and talk about the book that you have read. Make sure you READ the book that you have chosen. Because more than likely she has already read the book a million times and knows it like her two daughters.

My Fave

My favorite part of being in her English 9 is reading all the novels. Mrs. Allen makes all the novels you read more exciting then it would if you read it on your own.

My Least Fave

All of the short stories. They never really interested me and if I do not like it, I will not read it or be as much involved with the assignments.

My advice

  • Keep organize
  • Read as much as possible
  • Or as much as Steven Fogel
  • Then knock over lamps like Geanna Forester
  • Then the last thing to do is correct her on all of her mistakes and grammar like Daniel D.

5 Ways to Stay Organize

  1. Keep everything in your binder. This binder will be your life
  2. Don't lose anything.
  3. Label everything.
  4. Organize papers as soon as you get them
  5. Look at the check list when there is a binder check
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