Omar Bradley

US Military General

Birth And Death

Omar Bradley was born February 12, 1893 in Clark, Missouri.
After a long eventful life he died on April 8, 1981 in New York City, New York well after the war of heart failure.


Bradley's military zone was mostly in Europe. He had great successes such as leading the American II Corp in North Africa and leading the invasion of Sicily in 1943. Bradley also was one of the most senior to lead troops on D-Day at Normandy, where he was promoted to the full general rank. In 1948, Omar Bradley became chief of staff of the American Army.

Omar Bradley's Family

Omar Bradley was married a couple of times. His first wife, Mary Quayle, grew up with him and had his first daughter, Elizabeth Bradley. December 1, 1965, Mary Bradley died of a type of leukemia Esther "Kitty" Buhler was his second wife. He met her when she was interviewing him for the United Press. They married just nine months after the death of his first wife. Esther did not have any children with Omar.

Interesting facts

Graduated from his military school with the class nicknamed "the class the stars fell on"

Learned from General Marshall I

Served the military for 38 years