Semester Exam

By: Yesenia Becerra


Teaching - helping a student to get ahead on their reading skills.

Recreation - having a christmas party, everyone brings secret santa gifts

Appreciation of leaders - made a block that has a word of meaning or their name, its super creative and looks amazing.

Fundraising - cookie selling; i didn't sell anything so i failed this portion of trafles.

Leadership - failed this portion as well

Education Awareness - when the college campus sent representatives

Service Projects - failed this portion

Field Site Reflection

  • I read a book called "faces" and the kids loved it because it was very funny.
  • Two little girls were pretending to be pregnant like one of their teachers.
  • I made a decorative block with a bow for Mrs. Noble, but I wasn't able to give it to her in person.

My Future As A Teacher

Although I'm teaching first grade, I want to teach 9th grade biology or Algebra. I don't have quite enough patience for Elementary school kids, so high school would be a much better option. I'm glad I got the experience to teach these kids, though!

My dream school has got to be UNT, because it has an affordable tuition, an excellent teaching program, and lots of friendly staff and students.

Here is a link to UNT: UNT

My Portfolio

Here is my electronic portfolio:

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