Aeryn Cousino

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a disorder that involves having trouble reading, spelling and confusion in letters. With the confusion in letters they can switch up the letters or numbers b and d, W and M, 2 and 5 on a digital clock. Dyslexia doesn't affect general intelligence's in the person. Dyslexia also means that your brain processes information differently then other people.

Can you tell if someone is dyslexic?

Sometimes, you can tell if someone you know is dyslexic. You might be able to tell if someone is dyslexic because they might have trouble memorizing, difficulty's reading, understanding things and, thinking. You can also tell if someone is dyslexic by if they have a learning disability, speech delay or learning to talk late as a child. An other way to tell if someone is dyslexic is by speech impairment.

Some Famous People That Are Dyslexic

Some famous people that are dyslexic is Cher who is an American singer and an actress. Annabella "Bella" Throne is a who is an American singer, an actress and model. Patrick Dempsey who is an actor and race car driver. Keira Knightley who is an actress, model and singer

Body Systems Affected By Dyslexia

Dyslexia can affect the central nervous and nervous system. The brain and spinal cord are what makes up the central nervous system.

Facts About Dyslexia

Treatment/Cure For Dyslexia

There isn't really a cure for people that have dyslexia. The people have to learn to live with being dyslexic.