Zombies are alive!

find a place for survival so you can live!

Find the best region for you to survive

For this step I would like to go to the rocky mountains because if you have the high elevation then you can kill the zombies much simpler because they can reach you. This region is located west of the great plains and east of the basin and range. It

stretches from Alaska to new Mexico. It is younger and taller then the appalachian mountains. This place also has a gap between the mountain so zombies can really only get in through that. I give this region a 10

The alright, decent region to be in

The decent region for me would be the canadian shield because in canada its pretty cold so that's a safe spot to be but zombies can still get you so watch out! Its also near the hudson bay and the great lakes. I would give this region a 7.

The worst region to be in when zombies break out!

For the dumbest of people like zombies they would go to the coastal range. It is a tight fit and rocks every where! It has mountains but there not like the rocky's at all.It is also near the Pacific ocean. Zombies will trap you and you will be dead but if you have a boat you might have a chance. I give this region a 2.

The end. Or is It!

I hope you like my project and like my examples because there will be a zombie outbreak and I will hide in the rocky mountains but my friends will be with me so get ready and plan for your survival!
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How do you decide where to go in a zombie apocalypse? - David Hunter