Containment of communism

Did it work?


what is communism? its a form of government that consists of government having most of power to make economic decisions. It also consists of having no social classes .

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was the leader of communist Red army and led chinese communist revolution after WWll and also led ccp

Great leap forward

Mao thought that it was a good idea to get farmers to make steel and work in factories although this plan eventually did fail because no enough food was being produced to feed china's large population

Cultural Revolution

Mao didn't only change china through communism but also used powerful government forces to change culture. He didn't want the people focusing on past traditions but to focus and celebrate new communistic customs.

Tienanmen square

Nearly a million of Chinese crowded in to central Beijing to protest for a greater democracy on May 1989 troops killed at least 300,00 people.

Korean and Vietnam War

Korean war ended with it dividing at the 38th parallel, Vietnam war ended with Vietnam dividing at 17th parallel. In both north consisted of communism government and south non communism.

Did it or did it not?

In my opinion, i think containment did work because U.S tried to keep communism in one area which did happen