Media Center Bulletin

News from the UES Media Center for Staff- February

Here's where we are headed...

Global School Playday 2016!

If your class was lucky enough to have Media on Wednesday, Feb 3rd, then they got to participate in Global School Playday 2016! This was an awesome chance to have students engage in "unstructured play" to have fun, help build relationships, practice life skills such as patience, turn taking, perseverance, strategy and problem solving. I took notes on what the student had to say about their experience in our debriefing session and compiled them into this word cloud for free from Word it Out.
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Tech Byte

These two tech tips may be familiar to you already but worth mentioning...

Ctrl+F Did you know that when you or your students are searching for a certain word or answer in an online document or website that you can hold down the Control button and the letter f at the same time and it will highlight the word for you?

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Google Incognito Browsing Ever been signed in under your credentials in a site, go to post it in Google Classroom and then want to know what the students will see? Try opening the site in a new Incognito tab or window. Just type Ctrl+Shift+N to get an incognito window.

Coming soon: Info on our school-wide Reading Promotion: UES Reads Across America!