The Memory's Helpful Hue

by Karlie Lytle

A Color to Remember

Color. It's what makes things fun. It makes things happy. It can turn a frown upside down in seconds. But can it actually affect your memory? I mean, how can color help you remember things? Well, color is actually one of the main causes of high memory performances. This colorful concept can sometimes be confusing. But in the next couple of minutes, your take on color will completely change.

Memories, Like the Corners of my Mind.......

You may be familiar with the song, "The Way We Were" by Barbara Streisand. She sings about memories and makes us all cry. But exactly what are memories? How do you remember things? You think about a simple memory, but you don't think about how it happens. It just, sticks with you. Memories are actually more complex than you think. If you think of any object, like a cup, your brain sees the name of the object, the shape of the object, and it's function. Each of these things come from a part of the brain. Neurologists have yet to fully understand how these parts of the brain work, but they have a brief idea. With color's help, your brain can instantly remember the most complexed things in your life.

A Powerful Pigment

With the memory being so complexed, color is there to save the day. But exactly how powerful is it? Well, it turns out that color is the most powerful stimulus for the brain. That basically means that whenever color is involved with remembering something for the brain, it immediately reacts and sokes in the color and object, without any trouble. Color also helps us in memorizing certain information by increasing our attention level. Once something has attracted our attention, it moves into our working memory. The brain also notices color first. Crazy, right? So let's say you are showing an important presentation to the class, and it's full of colorful text, pictures, etc. That presentation will stick with the class for a long time. No wonder your teacher keeps yelling at you to change your presentation. You need to add pictures and make it pretty!

Check Out This EdPuzzle for an Example Expiriment of The Effect of Color on Memory: Use the Code "kempiab"

The Most Riveting Rainbow

Overall, color is amazing. It's not just crayons that you use in kindergarten, it's a key element to your school work, education, and purely everything in your life. Now you know that color is the memory's best friend, and with color, the memory can work hard without any trouble. I hope your take on color has completely changed. To fully understand that the color in your life is truly the most riveting rainbow there is.

This is Some of the Effects of Certain Colors on the Brain

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