Ethan Dickey

In a nutshell

Ethan's Life


Sports are very important to me because they are a way to show what I can do since academics are sadly frowned upon by my peers. Sports are also extremely fun and exciting as well as awesome ways to make friends. I play three sports at the high school level cross country, wrestling and baseball. I play for Livingston High School in California but I have played on other teams in different cities.


Music is very important to me because without it I don't think I would be who I am today. My appreciation for music is very great and I have my personality to thank for that. I feel like music is one of the things along with food and water that almost seems essential. I love music because of the stories they can tell and the hardships they allow you to relate so you know that you aren't alone in your struggle. Good music is just vague enough where it fits your life perfectly but define enough to make it feel personal. Also the metaphors that lyrics include are very powerful and memorable. Good music is not only the instruments or vocal it's both in harmony when one isn't playing over another they're playing together is when it sounds sensationally good. My favorite bands are rock or metal so they're kind of dark and intense but also light peppy. Linkin Park Is a good example of this phenomenon because some of their songs are fast and loud but others are slow and peaceful. Music is very influential to me and means a lot but its my interest that not everybody really knows about. I can name almost any song and know more lyrics than actual words which is probably bad but I enjoy it.