Typing web

  1. Typing Web is a online typing program that helps improve your typing skills.
  2. We had to finish the intermediate course for the first semester.
  3. It tells you what letters/fingers you need to improve on and lets you go back and fix your mistakes.


  1. iTrailer is a app on the iPad that lets you create movies or trailers.
  2. For a assignment we had to make a trailer about yourself.
  3. After we finished the trailer we presented it to the class.

Career Locker

  1. Career Locker is a student-used website to help students search colleges and jobs for their future.
  2. I enjoyed looking at all of the jobs and picking my dream job.
  3. The class had to make a presentation on their dream job and present it to the class.

Haiku Deck

  1. For haiku deck our class had to make at least 10 slides to show our dream job.
  2. Haiku Deck allows you to record your voice with your slides.
  3. You can draw and use a laser pointer to easily explain a process.

Explain Everything

  1. We used Explain Everything to make slides showing how to do a math problem
  2. My math problem was: Jenny bought 4.35 kg of chocolate. She made 10 chocolate cakes. She put 0.35 kg of chocolate on each cake, How much chocolate did she have left?
  3. You could record your voice and use a laser pointer to easily explain how to do the math problem.

Hour of Code

  1. For Hour of Code you can write your own computer code for fun games like Angry Birds
  2. To make a code you drag different actions on to the screen and put them together, then you press play.
  3. The hour of Code website has so many different games to choose from like Angry Birds, Frozen, Lightbot, Codecombat, and Flappy Bird.
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Email Etiquette

  1. The Email Etiquette lesson included typing a email to Mrs. Meyers with the proper etiquette.
  2. There was a list of different things you could email Mrs. Meyers.
  3. You had to have proper punctuation, capital letters, etc.