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9.21.15 - 9.25.15

Tech Updates!

Hi Everyone!

Here are your tech updates for this week!

1. Jeff has noticed that some of our computers have been renamed through System Preferences. He has requested that if you have changed your computer name through System Preferences that you include your building and room number. It makes it easier on him to know where to go so he can get to you faster. If you haven't changed your computer name through System Preferences, Jeff has requested that you leave the name the way it is.

2. Jeff is going to add the Luna Document Camera software to our Mac server so he can push it out to our MacBooks. If you have a Luna Camera and need the software, send him a QNS ticket. He also said that if you have an ELMO document camera, you can download the ImageMate software for your particular camera here:

3. In an effort to get everyone caught up with their essential technology skills, I'll be having short, before/after-school workshops for the next month. Come in the morning 7:30-8 or after school 3:30-4. It will be in the library on the day that I'm in your building, so CES Monday, CIS Tuesday, etc. We'll start this coming week (9/28-10/2). First up - iPad Basics! We'll focus on these skills:

  • Use Touchscreen Gestures
  • Adjusting Settings (setting the volume, setting the screen brightness)
  • Organizing Apps (moving apps, deleting apps, closing apps, creating folders, using Spotlight to search, switching between apps
  • Camera Basics (taking pictures, taking screenshots, using FaceTime, using Messages)

As always, let me know how I can support you in our technology adventures!

~Sarah :)

Tech Tip!

Organize your Charging Cords!

Jeff shared with me a great hack for keeping track of all your charging and connecting cords - Lego Guys! Velcro or glue a Lego Guy to the side of your desk or to the wall, then adjust their hands so the hand holes are vertical or horizontal, depending on how you connect your cords. Slide the charging cord through their hands. It keep the cords up off the floor so they don't get ruined by feet or eaten by vacuum cleaners, mops, or other cleaning devices. Plus, it keeps all your charging cords organized!
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App / Website of the Week!

iOS 9!

Technically, this week's app / website of the week is neither an app nor a website. It's a software update for your iPad! iOS 9 is the newest version of your iPad software. It adds some cool new features, like the ability to use two apps in split screen format, the ability to watch a video and use an app at the same time, as well as an updated Notes app that allows for checklists and photos. It also helps your iPad to run more efficiently, saving battery life. Upgrading to iOS 9 will also allow Jeff and I to better manage your iPad. For example, once you upgrade, we can push out any new upgrades to your iPad. This means, once you upgrade to iOS 9, you'll never have to worry about upgrading again! That's a timesaver! You can learn more about the new iOS 9 features by reading this great review from CNET:

And learn how to install iOS 9 by watching the video below. iOS 9 is a huge upgrade, so be a good digital citizen, and download and install it either at home or before or after school.

iOS 9 Update

Tech Try of the Week!

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iTunes U is Apple's answer to Google Classroom. It's both a classroom organization tool and an excellent curriculum resource. With Google Classroom, only people with a catnet email can access the courses. iTunes U courses can be public or private - you get to decide who can be a part of your class. The beauty of this is that there are hundreds of thousands of free public courses created by educators throughout the world. If you're looking for resources or ideas for your curriculum, start with iTunes U. To search for resources, click Go to Catalog in the center of the screen or Featured at the bottom of the screen. I recommend any of the Get Started Teaching with iPad courses. The Distinguished Educator Lessons for the Classroom are also excellent.

You can also create a course with iTunes U. Just like with Google Classroom, you can create and assign tasks, grade tasks, and incorporate resources, including apps. Students can then use their iPads to access and download all the course content they need. Because lack of Internet is a concern for our kids, using iTunes U helps alleviate this problem because students can download just the resources they need for that evening to their iPad. Plus, iTunesU seamlessly integrates 3rd party apps, which means kids can finish their task in a separate app and upload it to your classroom in iTunes U. It has an integrated gradebook that allows you to see one assignment or an entire semester, as well as a discussion feature that allows you to create and host rich class discussions.

If you're a Google Classroom user, using iTunes U doesn't mean you have to give up Google Classroom. I set up an iTunes U course that linked to the Google Classroom app where I posted assignments that use Google Drive. Since iTunes U has the ability to create unit "folders", I could set up my curriculum through iTunes U and then use Google Classroom as an organizational tool for my students' Google Drive work.

Needless to say, iTunes U is an awesome resource. If you'd like to learn more, check out this link:

Spotlight On...

Misty Williamson!

This week I got to spend time with Misty Williamson and her 3rd grade kids. Misty wanted to try out the iPads while they were at CIS, and she wanted to use EduCreations, a presentation app, that was discussed in her Tech4Learning Cohort. She first introduced the iPads and app by allowing the kids to play and discover as many things as they could about the app to share with their classmates. She set the timer and then the kids played with EduCreations to learn the app. Next, she had the students share out what they learned. She set the timer again and allowed the kids to experiment with what they learned from their peers. On day 2, she had the students use EduCreations to create Math Mastery videos. Each student worked out the problem on their iPad, and one student got to take the teacher iPad out in the hall to record. Misty then connected the iPad to the MacBook to project the video for the rest of the students. The kids loved the iPads and the app. Most importantly, they were engaged the whole time with their math practice. High five, Misty, for using the iPads in a student-centered, higher-level thinking way! Take a look at the pictures and videos to see the awesomeness in action!
Playing to Learn EduCreations
Peer Teaching EduCreations
Click below to watch a student created video to explain rounding:

Tech Resources!

Framework for Purposeful Technology

I've gotten a ton of questions about how to use the iPads on the rotating cart, which is awesome. I wanted to share the Framework for Purposeful Technology that I learned about last year at the METC Conference. It's heavily based on work by Carolyn Haebig, who works at Adlai Stevenson High School in Chicago, Illinois. Adlai Stevenson is a very successful 1:1 iPad school, and that's due to Carolyn's awesomeness. These are the questions, with some modifications, that she asks her teachers when they ask how to integrate the iPads. Use these to help you integrate technology in a student-centered way!
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Upcoming Learning Opportunities!


Understanding and Integrating the 4Cs in Your Classroom - What Does the Research Say? - Thursday, 9/24, 3-4

Spice Up That Lesson! Digital Activities, Tools and Apps to Engage Learners - Thursday, 9/24, 4-5

Mathcraft: Combining Minecraft with Math for Exponential Learning - Monday, 9/28, 2-3


Google Tools - Wednesday, 10/14, 9-4, MORENet Training Building, Columbia

SMART Board Beginning - Thursday, 10/15, 9-4, MORENet Training Building, Columbia

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