Continuous Improvement Conference


Conference Choices


When looking for sessions keep these things in mind...

  • What is your campus problem statement?
  • What do you want to know more about?
  • Are there parts of my instructional day I want to improve on?
  • What do my students need?



  • Engaging Student Response Tools That Drive Instruction
  • Improving the Elementary Assessment Process
  • What's Best for Kids? Making PLCs Work For You *repeated
  • Never Finished Learning: Data Binders Made Easy *repeated
  • Notice and Note for Non-Fiction (5th Gr. LA)
  • Enhancing Student Comprehension
  • Got Questions? Lead the Way Through Quality Questioning
  • Moving Beyond the "I Wonders"
  • C.C.E= S.T.E.M.+P.B.L.= FUN!
  • Setting Up Systems for Quality Classroom Instruction
  • Bridges Differentiation and Challenge
  • Differentiation in the Kinder Math Class
  • Guided Reading Gurus
  • Bring on the Books!
  • Cooperative Learning and Student Discourse *repeated


  • The Role of Discourse: Affecting Students Learning Behaviors *repeated- MOLINA
  • MakerSpace- Hands on Learning
  • Primary Patterns Of Power: Explorations of Invitational Grammar and Editing gr. 1-3 - JEFF ANDERSON


  • The Power of Expectations: How Our Beliefs Affect Student Achievement
  • Improve your PLCs Using Continuous Improvement Tools
  • MIndset Matters
  • Get Your Game On: Making Your Class Engaging Through Game-Based Learning
  • Go Noodle 101 - Brain Energizers
  • Little Fingers, Growing Minds, Big Learning: Part 1
  • Innovative Learning with Studies Weekly *repeat
  • Bridges in Mathematics: How to Use the Intervention Volumes
  • Add-Ons for Google Forms and Sheets
  • Conferring with Readers: Finding Focus
  • Genius Hour with Keynote Angela Maiers


LUNCH- Food Trucks!


  • Everyone attends Elementary Keynote: Mattering IS the Agenda: Angela Maiers


  • Google Classroom in ELA
  • Student Goal Setting- They Can Do It!
  • YouTube Can Do That?!
  • How To Survive With Daily 5
  • Every Book Can Be A Social Studies Book K-5
  • Teaching The Graphic Novel
  • Mathematical Mindset: You are a Math Person!
  • Win That Grant Money!