Monday Memo

May 9th, 2016

18 Days

As of today we have only 18 days remaining with students. Boy how time flies when you are having fun at the Bow!

Events this Week

What, there is something other than STAAR going on the week?

Come to the library this Wednesday after school to celebrate the joy of marriage and home ownership for Jennifer Kennedy.

This Thursday will be special for two hard working ladies around here. One, it is national Nurses Day. Be sure to thank Nurse Hay for all that she does for students and teachers alike. Second, Thursday night is the District's Annual Teacher of the Year Gala.

PTA EOY staff luncheon is this Friday in our library.

Friday night we will be honoring another group of AVID 8th graders at our AVID graduation.


Team, thank you for a a great day of STAAR testing. One down and three more to go. A couple of reminders for those not testing. Please make sure that the activities you have planned in your rooms are quiet and not distracting to the testing rooms around you. Additionally, restrooms at the crossroads and in 6th grade are for STAAR testers only. Please send students to either competition gym or cafeteria if they are not testing.

Hall monitors please do not leave your area until you have been given the go ahead by a counselor.

PDAS Summative Sign-up

You can sign up for your summative conference with the following link:

You can forgo your summative conference by providing written notice to your appraiser.