The Moai

Easter Island Stone Heads

The Mysterious Stone Heads

Archaeologist William Mulloy states, "The Easter Island Stone Heads are a place of peace and power." (Walters). The Easter Island Stone Heads, The Moai, are very mystical we don't know a whole lot about them. We keep finding new information about them and understanding the stone heads a little bit more. These baffling structures stump us in their history, how they were constructed, and also the details of the stone heads that's why archeologists are so focused on them they want to uncover all of its secrets.

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The History

The Moai have lots of history behind them. The Easter Islands silent stone figures are a monument to the seafaring skills and unique culture of ancient Polynesian people (Linn).The Polynesian gods inspired the Rapa Nuvi people to build the stone heads (easter ISland; stones, The construction of the Easter Island Heads show us what people way back could do and how much skill they had, this changed the way we thought about ancient civilization (Walters).

How Were They Made

We might not know a lot about the construction of The Moai Stone Heads but what we do know is very mysterious and interesting. The heads were created around 1000 A.D and many believe that the heads were constructed over a 500 year period (Linn). It was also thought to have been built to honor ancestors and gods (Easter island; stones, The architect of the heads was the Rapa Nuvi people (Walters).

Their Description

No matter how many things we discover about the stone heads it's still very mysterious. Easter Island Heads are located in the South Pacific Ocean 2,300 miles away from the nearest continent on Easter Island (Walters). All the heads are different shapes and have different features usually all you can see is from the shoulders up, they are about 18ft tall average (google images). Scientists have discovered that the heads actually have bodies that extends deep underground (

The Moai Stone Heads

These stone heads might be the most puzzling structure out there and we still aren't sure on who made them, how they constructed, or even why they were made. We might never find out but so far we have found symbols on the stone heads and also that they have bodies we are getting closer and closer to answering all these questions. So why don't we just wait and see what else we will discover about the Easter Stone Heads?

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