Bob's University Selection Project

Where should I go to school?

Universities I am interested in:

My program of choice is journalism. The universities I am interested in attending are University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Western Ontario, and Queens University.

My 6 Criteria

# of Award Winning Professors

I want to learn from the superstars.

Entrance Marks

I want them to accept me, but not just anybody. The ideal entrance admission mark, for me, is 90%.

To calculate the ranking, I need to know how much the school deviates from my ideal mark. I also want the best school to get a ranking of 10.

My calculation formula will be:

Big image

% of First Year Students who Graduate

I want to graduate and make my parents proud.

Distance from Home

I want to be far but not Montreal-far.

Parent's Choice

Since they are helping me with tuition and also gave me life, they should have some say.

Fitness Facilities

I want to be fit so I can learn well!

Raw Data Matrix

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Matrix Multiplication

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My final result, based on my criteria and weightings, is that my top choice of University is Ryerson. This is not surprising, because Ms. Poehlmann went to Ryerson and she turned out pretty good. However, I am surprised that Queens was my second result. I just don't see myself living in Kingston, even though they just closed the pen. The Tragically Hip are from there, though, so I guess it could be ok. I am shocked that Western turned out to be last on my list, because everyone is all over it. This could be because of some of my ratings . . . . etc . . . . more legitimate information goes here.