Families in Medieval Europe

By Chaney Roberts and Yenifer Lopez

Family Situation

Family situations changes a persons day to day life. For example people that were married or was born into money did better off in life.

Marriage & Divorce

Marriage almost never had anything to do with love and romance it was usually picked by the parents. They usually picked a wealthy family for there kid to marry into.

Divorce was rare and only permitted if the three laws were broken of the church.


When having kids the preferred to have a son. Usually if the father passed away or was to old the oldest son or the only son who take over and get everything from his dad. The oldest son gets the most inheritances and the youngest get a little bit of it but he had a option to either live with his brother or move out and become a servant or something,

Education in Medieval Europe

At first they didn't really care for school until they saw that it would bring them more success.

Boys and Girls.

Not everyone attended school it was usually the boys that went and mostly the boys that had money. The girls mostly learned at home how to cook, sew, etc.

What they studied.