Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

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About The Story

Great Expectations, is a autobiographical novel. It is taken place in London during 1860-1861. The point of view on the story is First Person. It does a lot of Foreshadowing in the story. The Foreshadowing that is done is:
  • The repeated references to the convict's return. He was the man with the file at the Pub and attacked Mrs. Joe.
  • Revelation of Magwitch's conflict with Compeyson. He was the man in the pub who gives Pip money foreshadows that the revelation that Pip's fortune comes from Magwitch.
  • Miss Havisham's wedding dress and her bizarre surroundings foreshadow the revelation of her past and her relationship with Estella.
  • Estella reminds him of someone he knows foreshadows his discovery of the truth of her parentage.
  • Jaggers being a criminal lawyer foreshadows his involvement in Magwitch's life.
  • The weather shows dramatic events.

The tone is very cheery, satirical, wry, critical, dark, dramatic, and sympathetic.

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The Picture of London

This shows what London looked like the time the story took place.

Elements in Great Expectations

There were a lot of elements in the story. For example, there were a lot of themes. There were:
  • Ambition and the desire for self-improvement
  • guilt
  • criminality
  • growth from childhood to adulthood
  • the importance of affection
  • social class
  • the difficulty of maintaining superficial moral and social categories in a constantly changing world.

There were also a lot of motifs. Motifs are a distinctive feature or dominate idea in stories. There were:
  • Crime
  • Disappointed expectations
  • connection between weather and dramatic events

There were also a lot of symbols in this story. For example, there were:
  • The clocks at Satis House that were stopped. Those tried to show Miss Havisham's attempt to stop time.
  • The objects relating to crime and guilt symbolizes the overall theme.
  • The Satis house itself represents the upper-class world to which Pip belonged to.
  • Bentley Drummle represents the grotesque caprice of the upper class.
  • Joe represents conscience and good nature.
  • The marsh mists represent danger.


  • Pip
  • Estella
  • Miss Havisham
  • Abel Magwitch
  • Joe Gargery
  • Jaggers
  • Herbert Pocket
  • Wemmick
  • Biddy
  • Doldge Orlick
  • Mrs. Joe
  • Uncle Pumblechook
  • Compeyson
  • Bentley Drummle
  • Molly
  • Mr. Wopsle
  • Startop
  • Miss Skiffins

Plot Overview

In this story, the main character's name is Pip. Pip lived with his sister and her husband in the marshes of Kent.