Erich Von Manstein

By: Hannah Keckler

His Life

Erich was raised in Berlin, Germany and was born November 24th, 1887 and died June 9, 1973. He was adopted and raised into a military family, then he became involved in the military. He became one of the most prominent commanders of Nazi Germany's armed forces. Manstein was found guilty for neglecting to protect civilian lines and was sentenced for 18 years on Febuary 24, 1950, but for medical reasons he was freed May 6, 1953. Then later in life he died of old age. He was significant because he was involved in multiple wars and survived all of them.


Born: November 24, 1887

Death: June 9,1973

Father: Eduard von Lewinski

Mother: Helene von Sperling

Married to Jutta Sibylle von Loesch and had three children Gisela, Gero, Rudiger.

Interesting Facts

. He was adopted because his mother wasn't able to have kids of her own

. Raised as a Prussian

. His son Rudiger died while fighting in war

. Was involved in many battles